A SIGN OF LIFE is released!

You may have your feast now :)

We’ve just activated the bandcamp download… THe album is released!



A SIGN OF LIFE is released! posted on 2015-03-27 00:27

Shipment of the physical CDs starts today !!!

Shipment of the physical CDs starts today.

Get your copy here: http://neuroticfish.com/preorder

Digital sale starts Friday, March 27th on:




Shipment of the physical CDs starts today !!! posted on 2015-03-25 10:16

A Sign Of Life @ Bandcamp

Now that’s new… If you don’t feel to order with iTunes or amazonMP3 we’ve just set up our Bandcamp… preorder is online now…

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CDs arrived @ neuwerkSHOP

Yeaaaaaahhhh!!!! CDs arrived @ neuwerkSHOP. Shipment will start on March 25th, 2015…




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A Sign Of Life

A Sign Of Life, Neuroticfishs highly anticipated fourth studio album will be released on March, 27th 2015. It will be published on their own record label NOR and consists of 15 Tracks including their club hit Silence and the wonderful duet The Creep with guest vocals by Cindergarden‘s Jaymie Valentine.

It has been 10 years after Gelb, the record that playfully fused Industrial, EBM and Pop together. Gelb featured the highly successful track Bomb. It was this album that teared the band apart. With Bomb Neuroticfish examined the need of constant availability and connectivity in the upcoming digital era. Little did they know back then how huge the impact of social media and smart phones would become on every sinlge aspect of our daily life. Today, literally every step is traceable –if not even predictable –and life has become much more public.

Today everything is possible, but nothing is tangible anymore. So it is with good cause that Henning Verlage and Sascha Mario Klein just now decided to bring Neuroticfish back to life. A Sign Of Life is not only the title of the new album, it is the concept that defines the new Neuroticfish. They make themselves scarce and did only sporadic live shows including limited releases. Targeted impulses that break through the noise that is the dark electronic scene. Finally after two long years the production of A Sign Of Life is complete.

There’s hardly a Neuroticfish song that does not deal with the subject of anxiety. But with this album they go further. This time they dig deeper and search for the roots of anxienty: What exactly is fear? How does it arise? How does it impact our lives, our behaviours?

Their core principle – the fusion of different styles and genres – is again very present and celebrated within those 15 tracks. The Creep embraces the sound of Neuroticfish’s debut No Instruments, not without further exploration. For this they invited Cindergardens Jaymie Valentine and spoken word and melodic vocals complement another.

Silence is the well known mixture of synth pop and progressive trance but furthermore shows elements of EDM and complextro. This rewarded the band with another DAC number 1 in Germany. Agony integrates dub step with synth pop while Caliban shows us Verlages and Kleins industrial roots shining through influences of Haujobb and FLA. Neuroticfish does not cross borders – to them they simply do not exist.


A Sign Of Life will be released on March, 27th 2015 on NOR, Neuroticfish’s own record label as CD and digital download via iTunes and amazonMP3. The exclusive release show takes place on April, 3rd 2015 at the K17 in Berlin, Germany.


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Neuroticfish “A Sign Of Life” Extended Preview now online.

Neuroticfish “A Sign Of Life” Extended Preview now online.
Pre order it @ neuwerk Shop.


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Album pre order is online @ neuwerk Shop!

A Sign Of Life CoverAs of today the new Album “A SIGN OF LIFE” can be pre ordered @ the neuwerk Shop! Shipments will be processed as of March 27th 2015!







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“The Creep” feat. Jaymie Valentine

It’s friday – and friday is Fish day – and again we have some exciting news ;)

This is „The Creep“, Neuroticfishs first collaboration in a song ever. We are thrilled to have Cindergardens wonderful Jaymie Valentine performing this song together with us. It was never planned as a kind of duet, but now it feels like it has always meant to be that way… We hope you like it..

The song is taken from the upcoming album “A Sign Of Life” which is going to be released on March 27th 2015.

“The Creep” feat. Jaymie Valentine

“The Creep” feat. Jaymie Valentine posted on 2015-01-30 14:15

“A Sign Of Life” Album Release & Show


It is done. 10 years after „Gelb“ Neuroticfish, neuwerk and NOR Records are proud to present you Neuroticfishs highly anticipated come back „A SIGN OF LIFE“. On March 27th 2015 the wait is over and „A SIGN OF LIFE“ will be available through iTunesamazonMP3 and the neuwerk Music Shop worldwide.

The exclusive release show will take place on April the 3rd 2015 at the K17 in Berlin and we are really looking forward seeing you all there. Save The Date!

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“A Sign Of Life” Album Release & Show posted on 2015-01-28 14:11