Remastered "No Instruments" will be released on Dec. 12th 2014

NO MORE INSTRUMENTS Where were you in 1998? I was sitting in my living room with an 8 track recorder an a few cheap synths finalizing what soon became "No Instruments", NFs debut album. Naive as I was at that time, I did not know anything about music production at all but I had a idea how it should sound. This was 16 years ago... In order to resurrect our back catalogue we decided to revisit the old recordings today and remaster them as carefully as possible. This is where we came from... We call it "No More Instruments" and it will be available on iTunes and AmazonMP3 digital downloads from Dec. 12th on.

Get it here

We will have some CDs with us at our upcoming shows as well.

"Les Chansons Neurotiques", "Gelb" and of course "A Sign Of Life" will follow soon...

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Neuroticfish @ Das Rind

Neuroticfish is coming to Rüsselheim. We play on Saturday the 10th of January 2015 at "Das Rind" in Rüsselheim. Another sticky sweaty club show we are really looking forward to.

Get your tickets here

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"Silence" to be released on Dec. 12th 2014

SILENCE We are so f...n excited :) to announce the upcoming digital release of "Silence" on Amazon and iTunes. It will feature great remixes from Rotersand, Eisbrecher, Simon Fawlter and Frozen Plasma. Release date is Friday, the 12th of December 2014. The physical copies of "Silence" will be released at our Kulttempel show on Dec. 20th, 2014 and will be available at our upcoming shows and via mail order from the Neuwerk Shop.

And this time - it's not limited!

iTunes Link
Amazon Link
Silence Single Preview on

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Neuroticfish & Terrolokaust in Oberhausen

HEIMSPIEL V2.0 ...und weil es 2013 schon so viel Spaß gemacht hat, machen wir's halt noch einmal ;) HEIMSPIEL V2.0 am 20.12.2014 im Kulttempel Oberhausen. Wir freuen uns auf eine tolle Show mit Terrolokaust und werden natürlich auch ein paar neue Tracks mitbringen.

Wir sehen (und hören) uns...

Karten gibt es ab sofort im VVK im Neuwerk-Ticket-Shop und ab dem 16.10.2014 auch bei CTS.

Sascha & Henning

When: Dec. 20th 2014
Where: Kulttempel Oberhausen, Germany
Get your tickets here: Neuwerk

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Neuroticfish @ X-TRA Zurich

We are coming to Zurich - This Saturday !!! We have been asked to support the legendary VNV Nation this Saturday in Zurich. As TORUL had to cancel their show due to an illness of their singer Jan, Neuroticfish takes over. Get well soon Jan. We are excited to play the at the X-TRA again after so many years.

When: Saturday, 4th of October 2014
Where: X-TRA, Limmatstrasse 118, 8005 Zurich, CH


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Silence (Simon Fawlter Remix)

This is "Simon Fawlter", the musical alter ego of Neuroticfishs Sascha Mario Klein. It has been my pseudonym as a producer and remixer for quite a long time and it channels all the ideas and songs, that won't belong to my Neuroticfish identity. Simon Fawlter does not care for ideological genre boundaries. Simon Fawlter is all about the development, the process and the artistic search for a new voice.

Here is my remix of Neuroticfishs "Silence":

Silence (Simon Fawlter Remix) by Simon Fawlter

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Neuroticfish @ Kulturfabrik Krefeld

Hey people... Unfortunately we have no news on the release of the album but we would really love to make you dance... We are playing at the Kulturfabrik Krefeld (Krefeld, Germany) September, 26th 2014.
Support: X-Divide
+ Aftershow with DJ Krischan Wesenberg (Rotersand)

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Neuroticfish @ M'era Luna 2014

We are playing at the M'era Luna (Hildesheim, Germany) August, 9th-10th 2014 and you all have to come ;)
It's going to be EPIC!


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Neuroticfish "Silence"

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Neuroticfish & :SITD: in Oberhausen

VP Live 2014 "HEIMSPIEL"

When: Dec. 7th 2013
Where: Kulttempel Oberhausen, Germany

Get your tickets here:
Neuroticfish & :Sitd: OBERHAUSEN - Tickets

Henning + Sascha

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The Shirts You Deserve...

New T-Shirts arrived and are now available at the Neuwerk-Shop.

Have fun, Fish

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Silence (2014)
###01 Silence
###02 Silence (Simon Fawlter Remix)
###03 Silence (Rotersand Rework)


Upcoming Gigs:

2014-12-20 Kulttempel, Oberhausen , DE
2015-07-25 Amphi 2015, Cologne, DE
2015-01-10 Das Rind, Rüsselsheim, DE

Silence Single Preview on